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Monday, December 19, 2011


I have said before that I don't seem to have a grasp on what people like. Apparently it is an age thing! I am a traditionalist when it comes to holidays, especially Christmas. I thought my design "Perfect Christmas Eve" would gain more votes than it is. So, if you have time to do me a favor, please go to: http://brandthunder.com/2011/announcing-best-holiday-browser-theme-finalists-vote-for-your-favorite/  and place a vote for Perfect Christmas Eve. You can vote every day through Dec. 22nd.

I had decided I was done making Christmas wallpapers and Personas but ended up and made a bunch more today. I should save them till next year because I am pretty sure everyone is busy and not changing things on their computers. 

I am really looking forward to Christmas Eve this year. It will be so much fun with all 3 great grandsons here, all 3 kids and most all of the grandkids. Can't wait to see them open their presents. I always try to make sure I spend the same amount on each child, but the problem is you find something for one that is a bit more than the other, so you have to buy a bit more for that one, etc. etc. But I am done! All but one wrapped.  We only give the little ones gifts anymore. It just gets too costly.

I hope you all can be with family this holiday and enjoy your time with them. Time is so short and everyone has so much to do, but you don't want to say someday, "I wish I had spent more time with.....or told someone you loved them and didn't. So if you can't be with them, call...you won't regret it.

Merry Christmas to all out there and a Happy healthy 2012. Just think of all the political commercials we have to look forward to!


  1. Been there everyday for the Vote for you MaDonna, just wish I'd known sooner... have to admit I'm rather partial to your 'A Year To Celebrate', but I've also seen the Wallpaper for your 'Perfect Christmas Eve', and it's traditional beauty is captivating.

    So close is 'Perfect Christmas Eve' with 'Christmas Ornament' now...
    If only a few more votes would find there way 'Perfect Christmas Eve' would succeed...
    5 or 6 more Votes is all that's needed and you'd be there... so little yet still so many for the small time remaining...

    Feel as if I'm holding my breath in anticipation, with my fingers crossed as well

    Reads like you are in for a full fun Christmas, wonderful.
    Love from Magda and Crew in Australia

  2. Thanks, Magda. I so appreciate your friendship. And thanks for supporting my work. You have a super Christmas.

  3. You are very welcomed MaDonna and your work is easy to support... it's beautiful... I'm always awed how you keep managing individual Titles for each of your Creations.

    And just did my vote... curious... when I was there yesterday 'Perfect Christmas Eve' was in the 40's today it's dropped back to just over 38... very weird, and sadly 'Christmas Ornament' is still in front... a lot now with the strange drop for 'Perfect Christmas Eve'.

    Today is Thursday the 22nd for me in Australia... but hopefully Thunder is in the Northern Hemisphere and I'll still have tomorrow to add another.

    Good wishes and hugs from Magda and Crew with love.