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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wallpaper Link is fixed1

Wolf Spirit of the Moon

 The wallpaper link is fixed now.

I have been watching the protests against the person that was elected President of the US. I keep wondering where these people were at during election time. I am quite sure half of them didn't even get out and vote.  I am glad and proud they are making themselves heard now. A little late but they are making their voices heard and seen. I saw those cute hot pink knitted hats and I want one. I used to know how to knit and follow a pattern but I doubt if I could anymore. I found some on line but my goodness, they were like $30.

Have you noticed the uptick in theme submissions? One person has learned how to make the easy designs from Photoshop Patterns and is really submitting a lot of themes. This type of design is so easy and quick to make. You just one click and the design is made. I have submitted a few from the Patterns but I kind of feel like I am cheating if I do. But it must be keeping the reviewers busy!

I am still working on themes using the art work of Carol Cavalaris. Her artwork is so beautiful and I love working with it and manipulating it into a theme. It takes a lot of time and work to do this but it is fascinating to me to do so. And of course it always included wild animals and foliage.

Most of my designs really aren't what the majority of young people will like because it is nature oriented. And they seem to like totally different types of themes. Which I can see because it is several generations in difference. 

Speaking of generations! I was talking to someone the other day and mentioned "party lines" Not political party lines but telephone party lines. They didn't know there was such a thing. When I was 10 we moved into our first farmhouse that had a telephone. It was on the wall and you had to use a handle to turn it to get the person you wanted. Two shorts and 1 long, or 1 long and 1 short, etc.! And every farm house on the line could hear the rings. If it was your ring you answered the phone. But I remember a lot of the time a neighbor would listen in to your phone call so all the neighbors knew everything. Now, that was 68 years ago. When my husband and I moved here, 50 years ago, we had  a party line and there was like 10 people on the same line. You could never get the phone because you would pick it up and hear someone talking. If there were teenagers in the household, forget ever getting to use your phone. You had to pay extra to have a "private" line and we didn't have the money so we stuck with the party line until technology caught up and everyone had their own line.

I am gonna get back to work. Gotta figure something out for dinner.

Have a good week!

First Spring Bloom

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