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Friday, August 26, 2016

First Blue Jay!

Just saw the first blue jay of the season today. It is very warm outside, which I love, BUT it is beginning to feel like fall in the mornings. If you read my blog at all, you know I do not like winter so fall is the beginning of the bad! For me, anyway. I love the fall colors and have made many, many fall designs so that is about the only good part of it as far as I am concerned.

Footprints in the Sand

We had a big garage sale last week so got rid of years of "stuff" but ended up and had to take a pick up load to Value Village.The weather was in the 90's so we didn't have near as many customers as we usually would have. What a job, though! Going up into the attic and finding boxes of stuff I had put away, lots of sewing laces, fabric, etc. that I can't use anymore. So it was nostalgic but cleansing. Luckily our daughter-in-law was here the whole time and really helped out. I can always depend on her and have for many, many years. So I consider myself a lucky mother-in-law! Our son fell in love with her when he was in the 6th grade! No kidding! He came home from school and all he could talk about was the girl that broke her arm (I think it was!) at school.

I just realized that I like a dark Persona theme. I tried a lighter color design but with my old eyes it was too bright so went back to a dark one so am using Footprints in the Sun! 

It is hard to believe that school's are starting. I think they just closed, didn't they? Halloween stuff is out at the stores! Oh, my, much too soon.

Going to sign off for the week. Hope you all have a great week end and the forest fires can all get under control. I hate to see all that forest land burn up. It helps the environment to have those trees standing and not burnt to black dust. And the fire fighters need to be home with their families.

Sunflower Beauty


  1. Nature always grows back, whatever happens. I do believe events like these help cleanse some lands for new lives to grow in. Kinda like emptying the attic ;) ! (By the way, I do NOT condone arson).

    It's something I've noticed these past years, but a lot of americans seem to love fall very much whereas here, it gets a lukewarm welcome at best. Don't know why. Maybe because the colors are less vibrant ? Plus, we don't have anything ressembling Halloween or Thanksgiving so fall is this bleak season where everyone comes back from the sea to find dead leaves everywhere, more often than not a muddy color to boot, and then it starts to rain more and more, the dark grey skies makes it feel like an unending night although some days can be sunny. And you're left with nothing to do because there's no real celebration to look forward to. It is just a three-months boring wait until Christmas. Oh sure, there are grapes, hazelnuts and mushrooms to hunt but it is over much too soon. And the general atmosphere feels kind of sad too. You do have Halloween which is about death but in a fun sort of way. Here fall also is about death but most customs seems to hammer the idea that this is a very serious subject, nothing to laugh about, and we should all be sad, thoughtfull and solemn. We are told to reminisce about our deads, to miss them and go visit their graves. Nothing wrong about that but it feels so heavy and sad. It weights on the mood and influence the general dislike of fall. If I had to describe the season, it would be : death, dead, dead leaves, deads, muddy, dark, rain, boring, work, rain, boring, deads, depressive, cemetaries, tombs, loss, dead, dead, no smile, no laugh, wet, night. And on the plus side : grapes, wines, mushrooms, hazelnuts, fresh sunny mornings sometimes... and then more rain ! And no celebrations, no great occasions for family gatherings like Thanksgiving. Must wait for Christmas, must wait for three months. It's no wonder the younger generations here have adopted Halloween back. It's a nice break from all these sad thoughts.

    Well sorry if I started rambling. This is something I've been pondering for a while and your words reminded me of it. I think you can see why winter is almost hoped for here, despite lots of people not liking the cold and gripping about snow. Ironically enough, it feels WARMER than fall. More lively and interesting, what with Christmas and New Year but also some other little things we celebrate in February and March. Plus snow also equals outside games, which is not... quite... the case with mud.

    Well, hope you don't catch some bad cold, enjoy your week-end !

    1. Thanks, Yann, Where exactly do you live? You can always celebrate your own Halloween and Thanksgiving. Andy day you are thankful for something can be a celebration of life!

  2. My wife, girls and I live in France... The people born between the 80s and 2010 have adopted Halloween back in their homes to have something of a joyous break between the end of summer and Christmas. You are right in that one shall be thankful every day for what they have. Still, we wouldn't dare to "steal" Thanksgiving. The roots, story and symbolism behind it is America's very own and it would be in bad taste to celebrate as if we had a say in it. Halloween is satisfying enough and did exist in Europe for a time so it seems natural to celebrate it anew. This fall will be our second daughter very first Halloween. We do hope she will enjoy her jack o lantern as much as her sister did last year. We pray you get to have a great time with your family too on both occasions.

    PS : The account is a joint one. My wife is the one who discovered your work and blog and started writing to you, though I agree with everything she said. :)

  3. Thank you, Yann and wife! You guys have a great Halloween. Good luck with "fall".