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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Amongst Us!

 I don't think amongst us is a word but I liked it. Have been real busy again this week. I love working with the old cottages among the trees and streams.

Cottage by the River

This is one I added this week. It is kind of funny because as soon as I put this one on, another designer started adding the same type. I added a fisherman design and he started adding fishing designs..

Heavenly Fishing
I have had a problem with another designer that actually changed her pseudanym a month or so ago. She is the one that sent me that awful threathening letter that I think is still posted somewhere on my blog. Anyway she made a bunch of enemies because she kept finding faults with their designs. So she closed that account and opened another one with a smokey type name. Oh, no, I just gave a hint! She uses my wallpapers for her designs which I have asked people not to do and she doesn't like it when I catch her on it. And she doesn't like being caught doing it.

Beautiful Sky

I started this yesterday so will get back to it.  I added Beautiful Sky this morning that I am really pleased with so hope it catches on.

Oops, I just got an email from Brand Thunder with a list of more designs so guess this will be it for today. Will get to work on these.

We are having a bit of rain today and I don't like it. I know we needed it and it will be all right if it gets back to warm and sunny.

Have a great rest of the week

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