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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Afternoon in the Northwest

Just had to post this photo I took out of our living room window yesterday afternoon. The thunder roared and the hail flowed! The lilac trees aren't very pretty today, but the hail is gone. 

We harvested our rhubarb this week for the winery so don't have too much left in the field. We had given some rhubarb to our grandaughter and she made a couple new recipes so I had her send me her coffee cake recipe. I made it this afternoon. My goodness, I had every mixing bowl, mixer, food processor, etc. out to make it. It better be good after all this work...and then the clean up! I even had rhubarb on the floor! 

Desktop Nexus is still down. Can't believe they can't get it up and running. They aren't accepting submissions at this time. So I haven't been submitting many themes that I have wallpapers for. 

Back to work! Have a great week end.

Frogs Love Spring by MaDonna

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