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Friday, August 22, 2014

Time Going Too Fast

Deer in Fall Aspen Forest
This week went by so quickly I can't believe it. September is just around the corner. I am not ready for cold weather. I love this warm sunny weather and if our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids didn't live here we would be somewhere where it is warm all the time. I know my husband dreads it, too.  But at least we can enjoy the warmth while it lasts, I guess. 
I love the theme I am featuring today. It looks like it does around here in the fall. It is from a painting by Rosemary Millett and I used it as the base for my design.
Mozilla still hasn't gotten the user count fixed, Up and Coming nor Most Popular. It has been "broken" for almost a month now.
In eastern WA where they have been having all the terrible forest fires are now having flash floods and slides. So if it isn't one thing it is the other.
Got to spend some time with some of the great grandkids this week. I don't see how I used to do it with 3 little ones! I guess it was because I was more than 50 years younger than I am now! But it is great to be around little ones and see how they grow and change every week.
 This time of year when our kids were small I was busy canning peaches, apricots, plums, dill pickles with hot peppers, and making jams for the winter. I  baked 4 loaves of home made sourdough bread from scratch every few days. (I got the "starter" for it from an old woman that lived farther up in the mountains than we did). Plus we would be getting our wood in for the winter since the only heat we had was a wood stove. Diapers were not throw aways back then. They were flannel diapers that I had made and had to wash in a wringer washer I had to pull in from the porch and hook up to the sink! For about a year we had 2 in diapers at the same time and that was a lot of diapers to wash and hang up every other day. But I would go back to that time if I could. The world was a better place, people were friendlier and less judgemental. Gas was 29¢ a gallon and we thought that was high! 
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