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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Pansies and Sweet Peas

Another cold, cloudy day. The sun usually comes out about this time of day, but I doubt it will today.
I must say I am frustrated with people using my wallpapers to make theme designs. They never ask for permission. I have had a problem lately with people actually copying some of my themes even! I have so many designs it is hard finding the one they copied because they use a different title. To report them you have to show the one they copied and it is really time consuming to hunt through all my designs. I have so many with flowers and butterflies it makes a search really difficult. But I can usually pick a copy out pretty quickly IF I see it.  Another thing I have noticed lately is one designer finding one of my designs that is popular and making one very similar, but not an exact copy. Some designers are reviewing each others designs to get more stars even. I guess I am not a good player because I only play in my own sandbox!

I guess it shouldn't bother me, but sometimes I will take an hour or more working on just 1 design so it fits perfectly in the corner, and everything shows I want to show. So, it is irritating when someone copies it! 

I am trying to take time away from the computer now because my back started hurting again. I don't know if it is sitting too long or what. The last time it got this bad I timed the computer work to 20 minuntes on, 10 off, so have been trying to do that today. It is hard for me to stop if I am in the middle of a design I am working hard on, though.
I just re-read this and wow, what a complainer I am today. I should just delete the whole thing and write another day, but...
I hope you all have a great week end and the world is good to you. Till next time............


  1. Sorry… I'm speak Spanish --Castellano, really--.
    Comparto tu frustración, el enojo hacia quienes plagian tus hermosos trabajos. Pero eres creadora, la satisfacción por tus diseños, que son como pequeños hijos, debe darte la energía para seguir adelante y aliviar ese peso que pareces llevar y que se manifiesta en tu columna…
    Saludos desde el Sur del mundo.

  2. Hello, MaDonna.

    This is my first comment in your web-log, but it is not our first contact. ;)

    I was reading about your frustration and I was thinking of some possible solutions.

    1. You should use your „ digital sign“ in your pictures. I have not used Photoshop enough but I think it should have got an option for the author of a job to include meta-data with the image itself, like author’s name, URL, e-mail address, etcetera. So, these meta-data could be available anywhere, and people could realize about who’s his/her original author.

    2. There are some tools however to remove these meta-data and make a copy of the picture without meta-data from the original one. :( So, a second solution could be continue designing Personas themes as usual. Wallpapers might include a very soft but yet visible centred „watermark“ with your name or the URL of your blog, so people will not be fooled about who’s the real author. Wallpapers with watermarks would be free and they could be even limited to a resolution up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (so-called „Full HD“) or less, for instance. So, whether somebody wants a wallpaper with not any watermark on it, you could sell it in different resolutions (with different prices), up to a resolution of 7,680 x 4,800 pixels (this is also known as „WHUXGA“), a really huge resolution used mainly by both CG developers and hi-tech gamers.

    I think this way you will take care of your works as well as your pocket. ;) You can even design wallpapers „on demand“ for third-parties, just like you did for Brand Thunder.

    What do you think about this?

    Kind regards.