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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Some Firefox 29 Fixes!

Little Green Bird in Cherry Tree

Wow, we are having summer weather in April and May! We can handle it, but what a difference. 

I have been working on getting my FF 29 where I am liking it again. I got my Add On bar (the bar on the bottom) back, got my tabs back on the bottom soI can actually find things again. I will post the link that really helped me get things back. Go to: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2824649

There are links at the bottom of that article that will get the Add On Bar and tabs on bottom back, among other things. I like Colorful Tabs to make each tab you have open a different color and it doesn't work with 29 very well. I have always liked rounded tabs so disabled Colorful Tabs until Colorful Tabs updates to the rounded tabs.

An update on the washer/dryer! We finally broke down and really went shopping and found one we liked and could afford. It was actually the same set my grand daughter got. She did a lot of research and liked hers. We got the price down to what was acceptable. We went and picked it up yesterday and we got them in the house and installed ourselves. They wanted almost $70 to deliver and install! It took us all morning and 2 back aches, but they are in, look really nice and I have done two loads. The first load we stood and watched it wash because it was so different. It doesn't seem possible that the laundry can get clean with hardly any water, but so far so good. Plus my home made laundry detergent works great in it because there is no suds with it. In time the home made laundry detergent will probably pay for the washer!

I think I will go out and enjoy some of this sunshine. It is supposed to start raining tomorrow and over the week end.


  1. Thank you! I had actually found a few of these myself but not the add-on bar which I really missed. Still using Pale Moon at the moment but checking Firefox daily for any changes. Still really loving Pale Moon as it is so much like the old Firefox we all love and you can transfer all your Firefox settings to it. Just read that you live in Washington State which I understand is so beautiful. (I have relatives living in Leavenworth whom I hope to visit someday.)

  2. Leavenworth is a beautiful little town. We used to ride our motorcyles around a loop and we always stayed in Leavenworth on the first night. The little shops are so much fun.