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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Perfect Christmas Eve

Hi, all...I don't  think I mentioned that I was entering some holiday themes in Brand Thunders contest. Today they announced the 5 semi finalists. and I actually have two that are semi finalists. One is  Perfect Christmas Eve, which is my favorite and the other one is called A Year to Celebrate. Actually having 2 in puts me at a disadvantage because I can't ask you to vote for just one!

I don't do Facebook, etc. so don't have a social network except for family and the fans who happen to read this. But I am going to ask you to go to:  http://brandthunder.com/2011/announcing-best-holiday-browser-theme-finalists-vote-for-your-favorite/ 
and vote for one of my designs.  You can vote every day through December 22nd.

I included a shot at the top of the one I like best and hope you check out Brand Thunder, vote, and tell your friends. Thanks one and all and  a Very Merry Christmas. And thanks to Brand Thunder for getting me involved.  

I will check in on the 23rd of December and let you know if I should happen to win.


  1. Well I'm there and voting MaDonna, wish you success too.
    And thanks for you caringness when I was in need
    Hugs from Magda and Crew down-under in Australia

  2. PS.. forgot to mention...

    As always, this wintery christmasy Homepage Theme and Header Subject are also stunningly beautiful...

    Always a surprise to arrive and discover the change you may have done... Creative with every step you step MaDonna, part of what makes you so wonderful...
    Magda and Crew....

  3. Oh Dear... 'Perfect Chrismtas Eve' is catching up to 'Christmas Ornament' MaDonna, but still a way to go and so little time remains.

    It's quite a tension hoping you'll be the one...
    Love from Magda and Crew xxx