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Friday, July 22, 2011


Butterfly Blues II

I was so excited about my latest accomplishment I had to write about it on my blog! I am learning how to make movies. Right now I don't have a video camera but the digital camera I have actually makes short videos. I had tried to use it once before, unsuccessfully I may add. But we had one of our great grandsons for several hours last week and it was lunch time. We have our 54 year old Cosco stainless steel high chair that my grandmother had sent money for when our first son was born. We re-did the upholstery when our grandkids were born so they could use it and now our great grandkids are using it! So it has gotten lots of use. Anyway, we had him in the high chair and we were feeding him. He had a spoon in each hand and decided he wanted to try feeding himself. So I got my camera and thought I would try the video again. And it worked! It is not the highest quality but it is so cute and he was proud of himself.  Great Grandpa would help put the spoon into the yogurt, etc. and he would get it into his mouth. We all thought it was pretty cool, so when I found out I actually had video of it, I downloaded Windows Movie Maker and went to work. I had so much fun learning something new and have made about six different versions of it. 

So now since I have a new hobby...I went to my favorite "store", Amazon and ordered an inexpensive camcorder and can't wait till it gets here. We have an old cumbersome one that must weight 10# and cost three times what the new one did, but it is just too hard to use.

I wish that we had had such technology when our kids were little. We had to use a square camera with black and white film, take it to someplace and wait a week for it to be developed! Actually I think they had color film back then but it cost more to be developed and we didn't have much extra money. But I do treasure those photos.

I have been quite busy working on wallpapers and Personas, though and the one I have  posted above was on the up and coming list in first place this morning. I have noticed people seem to like the color blue in designs, because I have made several with blue and they get quite popular. I did go through some of the ones that no one was using and hadn't gotten much use and deleted them.

We are actually supposed to have some sunshine this week end and we get to see another great grandson so it will be a good week end. I just wish I had my new video camera....

Till next time...have a good week end and keep using Personas and writing to me. I love hearing from you.

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