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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hope 2016 Started Well for You All!

Blowing Snowflakes
I hope everyone had a nice New Years Eve. I had the worse night I have had in a long time. My side of the electric mattress pad went out! I couldn't get warm. Kept adding blankets to my side of the bed and still froze. Our old one was up in the attic so my husband got it down the next day and we put it on, so "much better"! The company is sending us a replacement since it was still under warranty. We don't heat our bedroom so was very cold in there. But otherwise the year has been good! The Hawks won and won big Sunday so that was super!
I am reading a series of books that take place in the late 1800's and it is so good. They are called The Manhattan Series.   (My daughter-in-law is loaning them to me through Amazon) I was reading last night and they mentioned a treadle sewing machine and it brought back so many memories. I learned how to sew on one 67 years ago.The foot pedal was on the bottom and you had to peddle it...the faster you pedaled the faster the machine went. I remember one afternoon I had a terrible experience with it, though. I was alone in the house and the sewing machine was in front of a window. I was gathering a skirt for a doll dress and I found out it was easier to gather if I pushed the fabric through really fast and it would automatically make gathers! BUT this one day I didn't pull my fingers back quick enough and the needle went through my middle fingernail and ended way down in my finger! So here I was stuck to the machine and I couldn't get the needle up or move it at all. I saw my brother riding his bike in the driveway so I pounded on the window with the hand that wasn't stuck to the sewing machine. And he came in and rescued me. 
Speaking of my baby brother who is 2 years younger than me,  I got to see him before Christmas. We had such a nice visit and he mentioned how it was always me that got hurt! And we didn't even bring the sewing machine into the conversation.
 The worse time I got hurt, though was about a year after the sewing machine incident. We were up in the hayloft (and we weren't supposed to be up there because the floor was bad). Dad was working and Mom was milking the cows. Well, my left leg went through the loft and there was a big nail sticking out and ripped my thigh. Mom asked if I was OK and I said yes, because I was afraid I would get into trouble,  so I ran to the house. The cut looked just like a scratch until I lay down on the couch and it opened up about 2 inches wide. (My brother said he can still see it) But that wasn't even the worse part. Dad had the car so Mom had to get the neighbor to take me to the Dr. and the Dr. office was closed so we went to his house. The Dr. had me lay over a kitchen chair and with no deadening, pain med or anyting, sewed my leg up! My Mom was always a strong person and things didn't bother her much but this did! Mom and the neighbor man took turns standing beside me and then going to the door for air. There were many more such incidents but it would take a novel to tell them all and you would get bored!
I better get back to work  Have a good week, stay warm and dry.


  1. Hello! You removed the theme Night Sky 1? I liked him very much.

    1. I don't remember removing a theme so maybe you have the title wrong. I hope you can find what you are looking for.