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Friday, October 2, 2015

October is Here!

Three Black Cats by MaDonna

It is hard to believe that October is here already. Yesterday, the first day of Oct. was beautiful. In fact in has been beautiful all week until today. Andtoday it is cold, wet and clammy. I want to go to our great grandson's football game tomorrow but if it is cold and rainy, I doubt if we do.

I have been busy making Halloween themes for both Firefox and Brand Thunder so have had lots of fun. I love working with the ghosts, spirits, haunted houses, etc. I guess that is when the "dark" comes out in me. I don't know! But they are fun. And now I have begun Christmas ones for Brand Thunder. Kind of having a hard time getting into the swing of Christmas, though!
My husband had another AFib attack Monday night so off we went to the ER. We would have waited a bit longer but he had pains in his chest, too so we didn't wait around for the meds to work. He didn't have a heart attack so that was wonderful and everything got back into rhythm on it's own. But they were all set up to shock him if needed.  I have an actual "go bag" packed all the time now and it is ready to go on a minutes notice. It has toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, energy bars, water, tablet, and just about anything else I might need. When he was in the hospital after his heart attack I didn't leave his room because I was afraid I couldn't find my way back. I know that sounds dumb, but I have no sense of direction at all. You know how hard it is to find your way around a hospital! I didn't have a "go bag" back then but our son brought some home made deer sausage he had made for his Dad to try and if I hadn't had that in my possession I would have starved. They kept taking my husband for another test, etc. so I sat by his empty bed and would take a bite of sausage to keep going!  I didn't eat it all, so he got to sample it, too. And it was very good.

This morning when I was doing laundry I was spraying pre-spray on my husbands shirts and work pants and used the bottle up. I use a lot of laundry pre-spray so put it on the list for town. Then I got to thinking if I could make my own laundry soap, why couldn't I make my own pre-spray so got on line and found about 6 different recipes and made my own up using different amounts, etc. from the on-line recipes. So took it off of my shopping list. I posted the recipe on my Google+ page. So if you want to try it, you can find it there. I will see how good it works and let you know.

My husband will be 80 in December and I want to have a family birthday party for him. Nothing spectacular because we are simple people and not into that, but just kids, grandkids and great grandkids. BUT it is such a busy time of year for everyone I think it is going to be hard to find a day to do it. And then I start thinking about the stress of doing it and put it off and I can't do that anymore. I am going to have to just set a date and hope, I guess. And this week end is my deadline because I want everyone to make it and not make plans for that day.

It was fun making the header on my October blog, so I hope everyone likes it. I have been trying to make a new one for each month.

Will sign off for now. Have a wonderful week end and I will get back next week, hopefully!

 Bounty of Fall Leaves by MaDonna

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