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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Turkey Month

Deer in Winter Woods

November is here and it doesn't seem possible. 

I updated my blog over the week end. Took Halloween off and got November on. Hope you like it. Not realy pleased with the winter part but couldn't find another fall one I really liked so we got a little bit of snow on the blog for November. I am enjoying keeping my blog updated. I used to only get on about once a month and it was never up to date.

I am working on winter designs already because you have to be one step ahead of the season it seems like. I have seen Christmas advertisements on TV and that is just wrong! But I guess with money the way it is for most people, you have to start early. When we bought gifts for all the kids and grandkids, parents, etc. I started the week end after Christmas for the next year. Then we got smart and only bought for the grandkids. Now we are just down to great grandkids for gifts and since they get so much from so many, we just give them money to put in the bank.

Today is election day and I hope you voted. In WA we have mail in voting and I don't understand why all states don't do it that way. It is so important for people to vote and the Republicans are trying to make it hard for us to vote in some states. I think voting may be one of the things my great grandfathers and great great grandfathers fought for.

I have made quite a few designs with wild animals in them lately and have really enjoyed making them. The one above is one I was happy with how it turned out. Several are below. 

 Early Winter Moose

Fall Black Bear

 Autumn Morning Serenity

I spent hours last week watching You Tube trying to learn a crochet stitch to make a scarf and how to work with Masks in Photoshop Elements. I got the Masks figured out but the crochet stitch I am not so sure about. But I looked for yarn on Sat. and decided it would be cheaper to try to find a scarf already finished. I enjoy crocheting, though so we shall see.

I wrote about trying to make liquid hand soap and it worked pretty well. I used almond for the fragrance and it smells wonderful and feels more like a lotion when you go to use it. I put it in foam pumps so it comes out like a foam. The only problem I had with it is that is separates, but it doesn't see to make any difference, it still works fine. 

Well, I have wasted enough time so will get back to work. Hope you are enjoying the fall weather and are ready for winter. I will never be ready for winter but I don't think that will make any difference in the long run! It will still arrive!

Have a super week and I will come back on soon.

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