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Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2014

Four Minutes to Midnight

From Brand Thuder

Last year went way too fast. It was a good year up until the very last.
On Friday the 13th of December, my husband had a heart attack when he was up in the mountains hunting. He managed to get himself off the mountain and back to his truck and drove home! I took him to the ER and after all the tests, etc. they did surgery and put a stent in. He was very lucky he made it home. He did have a setback and that slowed us down even more, but he is on the mend now and just has to take it easy for awhile.  So we celebrated his 78th birthday for just making it to 78!

He has helped out people that can't afford to take their vehicles to a garage for repairs for years, so it is bothering him that he has had to tell them he can't work on their cars for awhile. He has talked to them on the phone and managed to repair their own, though! 

Our Christmas was very quiet. We were home by ourselves on Christmas Eve for the first time in 56 years but we both needed the rest. Christmas Day it was just our children here and we had Papa Murphy do the catering! So it was a very no stress Christmas. I thank God for our wonderful kids and don't know what we would do without them. I guess we raised them right because they are all kind, loving, caring people. I feel very fortunate that they are all within a few miles of us, too. My family moved a lot and that is no fun for kids and I didn't want mine to have to do that. So we only moved them once when my husband got a transfer with the Forest Service, and that was when they were in the 1st. 3rd and 4th grade, so they were all able to have childhood friends and graduate from highschool with them. Most of the USFS friends and people he worked with have their family scattered all over the US. I didn't want that for our family, although my husband would have made more money by moving around a lot. But money is not the most important thing in the world! Family is!

I am very disappointed that the site I was getting all my pretty blog templates from is no longer on line! So I may be stuck with a Christmas template until I take the time to re-do the blog. I can change the picture I use for the seasons because I make those myself...but not the template for the blog.

I am beginning work on Valentines Day now. I didn't even use up all the Christmas designs I made so have some for next year.

I don't know about all you out there but I am ready for summer and winter is only a few days old. 

Till next time.



  1. Sorry to hear about your husband, but glad he is doing better. I love the "4 minutes to midnight" one you posted here! It's now replaced one of your Christmas ones on my Firebox and desktop. Thank you for bringing a smile and beauty to my work day!

  2. The Internet is a totally huge thing, I found your Persona themes on Firefox just today, and found your blog and how interesting your life has been. You are very talented in your vision of things that inspire people, sometimes pictures like yours do more for our spirits than the authors ever imagine.
    I have had health issues similar to your husbands, I wish you both the best in the coming years.
    Wish you would consider making a Firefox theme of my two best buddies, two Shiba Inu dogs, Sebastian and Copper, I am no good at all in making themes!

    Will be reading your blog now that I have found it.

    From Virginia

  3. I would be happy to make you a theme if you would send me some photos to use. Send them to my email address. And thanks for writing.