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Friday, August 30, 2013


Wheat 2 Harvest

We actually got rain in the past few days. In some places too much rain!

The big news is that we have a new little boy in our family. So now, we have 4 great grandsons and 1 great granddaughter. Boys run in  my husband family so we weren't too surprised. But he is healthy beautiful addition to our family and we are very proud. Can't wait to meet him.

I have never been afraid of bees and we have had a lot of them this year. But I think I will be a bit leery of them from now on. We were at our daughter's house last Sunday and sitting at the picnic table in the lawn. All of a sudden I got stung on my big toe and it really hurt. I have gotten stung this summer by yellow jackets and they hurt a bit but not much. Well, this one hurt a lot and by Monday my foot was swollen and red and it started getting 2 little blisters on the top of my big toe and foot. By Tues. morning it was 1 huge blister that was bigger than my thumb. So the Dr. said not to drain it myself, he thought he better check it out. So we went in and the nurses all had to come in and look at my ugly foot! He drained it and dressed it. It has filled back some, but doesn't hurt anymore and I can get a shoe on. I guess the moral to this is "keep your toenails painted". Luckily I had just done mine 2 days before the bee got me.
Well I got sidetracked. Had to help my husband work on a car he is working on for a high school boy, so now I have to get back to cleaning house and doing a few more designs.

P.S. I was just notified that a new designer actually thinks I am copying her designs or ideas!  I find this amusing since I have been making the same type of nature, forest, animal and flower designs since I first began making Persona's in 2009. So in fact she is actually copying my ideas and work! You would not believe the politics that goes on in the Persona family! Very petty...very petty!

Have a super Labor Day week end and see ya in September.

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