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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Updated for Autumn

When Leaves Fall

Thought I would take the time and update the blog. It took me quite awhile to make the new deer bunny graphic for fall. Then had a hard time getting the frame just right. But I like it, so hope you all do, too.

Mozilla is having problems again! A lot of our designs just disappeared! Even my Sunset Over Water is gone. They are working on it and the missing designs are supposed to show up soon so hope they do. 

Our tomatoes and strawberries are doing really well. My husband planted some ever bearing strawberries and we have fresh berries all summer. And they vine themselves out and make more plants so it is really great. We had fresh strawberries and whip cream last night and it was soooo good.

I don't have much time to write now, because I have to send a note to my high school girlfriend that lost her husband. Apparently she is having a really bad time since I haven't heard from her. 

I want to take time to write about the conversation with out oldest great grandson and that will take some time. We were taking him to visit the flight museum in town and he asked a question about when we were his age, so it was interesting for him and we enjoyed telling him about it. So will do that soon. Promise!



  1. Hi there MD!

    Just wanted to express my absolute thanks and appreciation for all the lovely themes and desktops you've created! I'm a Firefox user who loves to dress up her browser, and your gorgeous images have allowed me to do that... With the greatest of style!

    I'm also a Startskins user, so many times I can pair one of your themes with the matching desktop for a complete image for both top -and- bottom. My browser has never looked so good!

    So, tons and tons of "thank you's!" and hugs for sharing your amazing work, and making FF a beautiful browser for us to enjoy!

    Wish you the very best!

  2. I love your themes! They're always my favorites. Time for Autumn is my favorite. Perhaps you could convince Opera to allow you to create themes for them. The interface is pretty boring and they lack variety. Opera's interface could absolutely use Firefox's touch. It's the worst interface of all the browsers I use.