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Monday, April 25, 2011

Checking in from the chilly Pacific Northwest!

Fall Autumn

I know, it isn't autumn (yet) but it feels like it. We got spoiled on Saturday with a beautiful spring day. We also got a chance to visit and play with our three beautiful great grandsons for awhile, so it was a very precious day. The babies are growing up too fast, though. I would love to post some pictures but I don't feel I should. I do have a Persona on line of our oldest great grandson and it is called The Littlest Cowboy. It is several years old and only shows his back, so I will post it. 

 I have written about him before and his love of bull riding. He gets to go to a PBR event this week end and is very excited about that. 

I hope you all had a great Easter. Our weather was not kind to us but we had a good dinner here with part of the family members and we had a really great time.
My parents used to have the family Easter dinner, and after my Dad passed away in 1999 Mom carried on the tradition by herself. I remember the last Easter she had dinner for everyone in 2002. She was 86 years old and fixed so much food you wouldn't believe! But you could tell she was tired and told us, that it would be the last Easter dinner she could fix. And sad to tell, it was. She found out a few weeks later that she had ovarian cancer and it was terminal. My brother and his wife, my sister, myself and my wonderful husband put our lives on hold that summer. Mom got to be in her own home and we took turns taking care of her with the support of Hospice. Without Hospice we wouldn't have been able to do it, but Mom got to spend her last days at home with her family. I am sitting here, a 72 year old lady crying on the keyboard as I remember those last  days with her. I miss my Mom. I have some other stories I will tell about those last months next time, but just can't right not.

This started out to be a small note about our weather and ends up being a sob story. But since Mother's Day is coming up in a few weeks Mom is on my mind a lot. So, if anyone out there is reading this, think about your Mom, give her a call if you can't be with her. You never know when she won't be there and then it is too late. If you have questions you want answers to, ask as you may not get another chance.
Till next time....have a good week.


  1. Hello MaDonna,
    I chose to return to this Post... after all, it was the inspiration for my Mother's Day Journey. I thank you very much... I ended up having an interesting time.
    I have the Post Published. But though for me in Australia it is already May 8, it may not yet be for you, so I'm not sure how that works out for Posts Posted with our different time zones.
    But, if, you'd like to see how I put the Mother's Day Remembrance your words here inspired together with your beautiful Paper Wallpapers... well I hope you will be pleased with what you find if you Visit.

    I only recently noticed that the day you Posted this Story that also became a memory journey of your Mom, is also ANZAC Day, the day Australians remember the Soldiers who died at Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915, during WWI... Mothers would have felt the loss most I am sure. Very serendipity

    May your own Mother's Day be filled with Love, Light, and the warmest of Hugs,
    With thoughts of appreciation to you, your Friend Magda in Australia.

  2. Well MaDonna I think I have an answer to Time Difference... for me it is May 8th at 12.37am... the Comment I left for you reads... May 7... 7.34am... Interesting. I have stepped back in time to write you a comment...
    Hugs from Magda(Australia)