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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Surprise Visit!

Puppy with No Name

I got a surprise visit from my sister this week and she brought her brand new puppy. As of right now it has no name, so that is what I called the Persona I made for her. He looks just like the dog we had for a long time and was so very much loved. I still miss him and just can't find it in my heart to get a new "best friend". It just hurts me too much to lose something I love and just can not go through that again. But I can enjoy her puppy and know it has a wonderful home and will be loved by a good family.

My sister is a very creative person and her head is full of ideas for "things", too. She has a blog you might be interested in reading. She challenges other creative people and is much better at writing every day than I am. You can check it out at:   http://asafeplacetocreate.blogspot.com/

I have done a lot of designs this past week, many of them fall oriented. I guess it is because of the beautiful warm colors it brings into our lives. Also some desktop wallpapers that turned out pretty good.

An old friend (that actually gave me my first computer) sent me some of his beautiful photos from Alaska and Puget Sound. He is a fisherman so gets to see the fantastic sunsets we get. And thankfully he takes photos and now more people can enjoy them. He sent some of Grizzly bears that I can't wait to get started on. They are like something you see in National Geographic. So thanks, Dylan.

Now I will get back to work. Have a good week end and stop by soon. I love hearing from you.

1 comment:

  1. My sweet sister. We are blogger sisters now too,
    I tweeted you and facebooked you today also.
    I wish we were lived closer also. Good creating my dear big sis. You are on my blog today too.
    I love your blog and your personas are beautiful.