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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Won the Battle But Will we Win the War?

Down the Road

We had a freaky wind and rain storm over the week end. It was something else! It started Sat. morning. We were one of the lucky ones and didn't lose power, but the majority of the county lost power at one time or other. Some still don't have any 4 days later. We were headed south for our great grandson's first football game. We went with our son and his wife so we didn't have to drive. We could see power poles broken, lines down and tree limbs everywhere. We had been so lucky with the best summer weather in history and then hit with this storm. We had the warmest August on record and the wettest! The week end storm brought the wet part! I so dread the cold winter weather!

The game was really fun to watch but the other team's boys were so big. I can't believe that 10 year old boys can get that large! He had fun, we had fun so that was all that counts. It brought back so many memories of going to our son's and grandson's football games.

The radio station I usually listen to was off the air Sunday morning because they lost power and 4 days later, they still aren't on! So I listened to the news on another local station that morning and just happened to tune in when they were talking about the Urban Growth Areas for the City being on the City Council agenda Mon. night. It was just a wierd coincidence that I heard it or we would never have known it was going to happen. We went to the meeting and they voted to leave our neighborhood out of the planning. But there was a few tense moments for us when they were going through their discussion before they voted. The farm the developer wants to build houses in will be recommended to be in a Reserve Area for future growth. I wish they had just left that out for now, but we won our battle! The City's recommendation will now go to the County and we will have to start all over since the County is the Final Decision Maker. But I can't see any reason for them putting us back into the planning at this point. I know sometime in the future it will happen, but I just hope I don't live to see it.

There hasn't been a lot happening on the Persona theme front lately. I don't really know why unless people are on vacation! I don't go on vacation so I keep plugging away. 

I haven't decided whether to download Windows 10 or not. I have Windows 7 and love it. I am aprehensive about changing because I hate being slowed down by having to learn how to do something new. So for now I think I will keep my 7!

We will be keeping our 5 year old great grandson for the Labor Day weekend. So that should be fun. And it sounds like the weather is going to get nice by then. "Fingers crossed!"

Have a great rest of the week and I will get back after the week end.

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