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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Missing Mom on Mother's Day!

The Bridge 

My sister sent me a card after our Mother passed away with this poem on it. It means so much to me and the words are so true. The older I get and look in the mirror I see my Mom and my daughter says the same thing when she looks in the mirror.

I had Mother's Day dinner for our family for years and years and continued to do so up until the last year of my Mom's life. I don't think you ever get over missing your Mom. Questions only she could have answered, secrets you want to tell her, how much you appreciated all she did for you, how hard she worked her whole life. I miss you, Mom. I would give anything if you were still here so I could honor you with another dinner. She always enjoyed having someone else do the cooking! 

I wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day and if you can't be with your Mom, give her a call and let her know you love her. I will tell my Mom and I know she can hear me.

Happy Mother's Day!

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