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Monday, April 28, 2014

Firefox 29

Sunrise Purple Fields

I just updated my Firefox to 29 and it is really different. I lost several features I used and am hoping I can get them back. Some of the themes don't look near as nice with 29 and some look fine.

Just thought I would make a quick post and let you know it is available for updating now. 

Looks like the Pacific Northwest is going to have some really nice weather this week. 

More later after I figure out how to make some changes to Firefox.



  1. I updated to Firefox 29 two days ago and it really messed up my screen to the point that I have switched to the Pale Moon browser which looks and operates more like the old Firefox. Firefox 29 really broke a lot of the customization I had made and the customize screen kept opening all by itself even though I was clicking on exit. All my Firefox themes and add-ons work on Pale Moon and I am really loving it and may not go back to Firefox unless they fix all the problems. By the way, I LOVE all of your Personas and have used them for years to dress up my Firefox. They are all so beautiful! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the compliments and glad you like my designs.

      I just put a new post on that may help you and others that updated to FF 29 and want to customize it. I finally have mine "fixed" to where I find it acceptable. Sometimes "new" isn't always "best" and Mozilla is constantly updating. Sometimes good and sometimes not! It is much harder for me to submit my designs now, I know that.