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Friday, August 23, 2013

Feeling of Fall!

 The morning and evenings are sure feeling like fall. I am enjoying working on fall designs as you can probably tell by what I submit. But I am getting tired. I am actually thinking about not making designs anymore. I have felt like this before and gotten over it, but I get frustrated at times. I find out from others that one specific designer is actually commenting or reviewing her own designs giving them 5 stars, etc. Personally I think this is wrong but if she has to do that to make herself feel fulfilled, I guess that is her right, but making up a new "name" to do so is just not right. 

Mozilla finally got the "lost" designs back on line, but I just went to edit one of my latest designs: 
Shadow of the Moon

because I made a typo and it says shadow of thr Moon! And it won't let me edit it. So I won't put the link for it on till I can actually spell it right. I love this type of design. I have said before how much I like Native American images with wolves, etc. so really enjoyed making this one!

(Link is up now)

Our family's newest addition is due very soon and I am getting excited to meet him/her. They don't find out the baby's sex so it is always a surprise. They will have their hands full for awhile. Three babies in 3 years! I know because that is what we had. Two isn't bad because you have 2 hands but that 3rd one makes a big difference. But the nice thing about that is they play together and grow up together. The problem is they all usually leave home about the same time and I went through the "empty nest syndrome". It is hard when that has been your whole life, taking care of kids and all of a sudden, there are no kids to take care of. You cook too much, etc. 

The summer weather has been much appreciated. I really love it. It would have been a great year to ride motorcycles and I envy everyone who has gotten to do that. I still miss it very much and almost feel jealous of riders when I see them riding. We are re-watching my favorite TV series, Sons of Anarchy and can't wait till Aug. 27th when season 5 comes out. Every summer we watch if from Season 1 through whatever season was the last DVD to get ready for the newest one to come out.

When I started this post I thought I would write about something else and I got off on another frame of mind and must quit and get back to work. Will do that another day, I guess.

You all have a great week end and enjoy the last of our summer. It will be gone before we know it. 
Sun Shines on Poppy

Last of all, I want to thank my followers and the theme users that post such good reviews on my designs. They are very much appreciated.

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