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Friday, August 9, 2013


Wolf in Fall

Wow, what summer weather we are having this year. I know we need rain, but once it does that will be it. It already feels like fall in the mornings. I love this warm weather because I don't hurt as much! Selfish, I know. Last winter is one I would just as soon forget. 

I am showing the above design because I love the artist work. Peter Williams has such great art with animals and I asked him if I could use his work and he was nice enough to let me. I added the fall leaves and shading but it is his wolf! I wish people that submit copies of someones work on Desktop Nexus would be so nice. I have had to file 4 or 5 reports on people that use my designs, and submit them as their own. If I use someones work I try to add their name to the design.

I am working on the fall update for my blog but it isn't finished yet, so will work on that more and change the interface. 

We have had two birthday parties in our family in the last 6 weeks. They are growing up too fast. One great grandson and his cousins got into a bee's nest the day of their party. I guess it was very traumatic for everyone that was getting ready for the big party in the woods. One of the little boys got stung, something like 27 times. Luckily our little one only got 7 but 7 is no fun. Hopefully they will all forget it. I am sure the parents won't though. Bees are really bad this year, though. My husband has sprayed and sprayed and there are still bees! It seems like they can make a nest in the tiniest hole!

Our fifth great grandchild is due the first part of September so we are all anxiously awaiting. We don't know if it will be a boy or girl so it is even more exciting. 

I am working on fall designs right now. I love the fall colors and leaves to work with. At one point in time we actually had an orange shag carpet! And orange, gold and brown accents everywhere. At our ages, we stick with pretty much basic colors as far as decorating goes. And I don't change things like I used to. Money being one factor. You can't afford to change colors just because that seems to be the popular color at that time.

I seem to be babbling so I will sign off for now and get back to work. I will try to update the blog soon. Hope you all have a great August and enjoy!

Bright Floral Abstraction

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