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Monday, April 1, 2013

Fools Day

Angel of Light
Brand Thunder Angel of Light

April...can you imagine it is April already? March went out like a lamb here in the Pacific Northwest. What a beautiful day it was! It was warmer than it is half the time in the summer. But it is going to spoil us so badly. Because it will get cold and rainy again and I will hate it.
The old Persona site is down and will be gone soon. They are moving Persona themes to the Add On Mozilla site so designers  can't submit any new designs until it is set up. We have always submitted our designs to the original Persona sight so I am sure there will be a total mess when the new site is up and running. The site will be at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/themes/. Each designer is supposed to have their own page so I will post mine as soon as it is up and running. I just wanted to let you all know why there is nothing new right now. I am not submitting any wallpapers right now that I can't submit the matching Persona theme for, so there won't be as many wallpapers, either. I was notified by an administrator from Desktop Nexus that many of my wallpapers are on other sites now. Plus I have to watch that people aren't downloading my wallpaper and re-submitting it. The site is supposed to catch copies but it isn't perfect by any chance.
I love the Angel of Light theme I posted here today. I have always loved any angel graphics and I am sure you have noticed I have several on line.
I was really busy last week finishing up the two book covers I had been asked to design and I was quite happy with them. I just hope the publisher OK's them. The author I am working with, Charlotte Kendrick is a great grandmother, too! We didn't know that when we bagan working together. So all great grandmothers aren't sitting in their rocking chairs watching TV!
Going to get back to work now but have a great April. 

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