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Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodbye To April

Sakura Shine Tree

Well, as usual, I haven't kept up my blog. I keep thinking about it, but have more fun working on designs. Mozilla is going through a changing period right now and I don't think they are keeping things up like they used to. The daily counter has been down for almost 3 weeks now. So no one knows which designs are doing good and which ones are flops! And we all have those. I guess they have decided to call Personas themes now, so Personas will be no more. And I think they are trying to move things to a different site which I am sure will cause all kinds of problems. I will let you know if and when things get changed.

When I went to update the blog today Google had changed the whole interface on how to work so that was another learning experience. I DON'T WANT ANY MORE LEARNING EXPERIENCES! At my age each new one only confuses me instead of adding to the joy of doing it. So I have no idea if this will show up the way I want it to or not.

Spring seems to be having a hard time getting here. The one good thing this year is the good weather is on the week ends and the rain during the week. It is usually the other way around.

I have been winning the theme of the week on Brand Thunder almost every week lately, so that gives me a little more confidence. 

I made a theme for a lady last week from photos she sent me of her parents and that was fun. I hope her family will enjoy it. I like doing that but it is hard to know what the person has in mind. 

Mozilla is having a contest for your favorite add-on, but I am not going to enter because there seems to be a bit of favoritism involved in the Persona division right now and I don't want any part of that. I will just do my work and let them do what they want . I know at least one designer that is totally getting out of the Persona part all together and going to switch to designing wallpapers. Actually wallpapers are much easier to design because you have so much more area to work with.

Mothers Day is coming up and as usual I start thinking of my Mom. She has been gone 10 years this Sept. and you would think it would get easier, but it really doesn't. My sister and I are working on a family reunion this summer and I am really looking forward to that. I got the invitations designed and mailed out last week. 

Well, I am tired from working today so think I will just sign off for April. And wish everyone a happy May Day. I remember when my kids would put flowers at the neighbors front  doors on May Day. I wonder if anyone does that anymore. I doubt it as most people don't even know their neighbors. How sad! Take care and I will return sometime in May...I promise.

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