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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wishing for Spring

 Four Fantastic Frogs
Good morning or afternoon, wherever you are. I am working on spring designs now and some Easter ones. I just love this frog design and hope you all will, too. They have such big, hopeful eyes! And that is what I am doing, hoping for an early spring. The dark, dreary weather has a way of getting me down and kinda sad, which is really dumb, because I have no reason to feel that way. So right now I have my frogs up on my Firefox and every time I look at their silly faces, I want to smile. If you like them I also have a wallpaper at:  http://animals.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/581177/ They aren't exactly the same, but close enough. I submitted the frog design to iGoogle, too, but so far it hasn't showed up. They kind of pick and choose what they put up, I think. If it gets on, I will let you know.

When I checked in to my blog this morning I remembered how I vented last time and I probably shouldn't have submitted my faithful users to that, but it is done and I felt better.

I have received several requests by people that have lost a loved pet and want a Persona to memorialize them and that they can use. I have made several for each of them. I can understand that so well. The last dog we had died in 1992 and died in my arms. He was my faithful companion and we loved him dearly. I still have not gotten over the loss of him. Even after all these years once in awhile when I drive into the garage, I check to see if he is in the way because he would always jump out of his bed and greet me. A lot of people think I am nuts not to just get another dog, but losing them is just too hard. 

Wow, I have no idea where all that came from, I was just going to write about the requests and the sadness they feel when they write and I am so glad I can bring a little happiness into their life by doing what I love to do. 

Right now I am working on some poppy designs. The old orange red poppies we used to have are one of my favorite flowers for some reason. I guess it is because they are so bright. You don't see them very much anymore in peoples gardens so I am making them to put on your desktop and Firefox. I have a tendency to get stuck on one thing and end up and make too many and can't decide which ones I want to submit.

I see the news about Australia's cyclone and the horrible things going on in Egypt and other parts of the world. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all get along and live a secure, peaceful life? That is my wish for you all. 

I will get back to work now. I think I will start work on some cow designs! That is one thing I haven't worked on, so will get to it...

Have a great day and enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. I am hoping the Packers win.


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  1. Hi MaDonna
    A quick visit... they are the cutest of Frogs. Truly do make one smile.
    Bestest of wishes to you from M(Qld Australia)