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Monday, February 28, 2011

March March March

Thought I would update my blog for March. The picture I added is a desktop wallpaper I made and you can find it at:  

Our snow and blowing is over for a few days but we are supposed to get more. 

I have been working so hard on wallpapers and Personas that the weather hasn't bothered me much except when I have to go outside!  So I haven't gone outside much. Thank God my husband gets the wood, mail and paper in. I just enjoy it.

My birthday was last week and I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today. A big box and I knew I hadn't ordered anything. What a wonderful surprise to open it and find 2 bottles of the most delicious wine. (It is called Pied Violet from WineShop at Home.) We had been at our daughter's house a week ago on Sunday as her kids were up to visit. (Which is another joy!) They opened this bottle of wine and I was very skeptical as I don't like a real dry wine. But this was fantastic with a deep smoky flavor. I would never, ever pay that much for a bottle of wine (you know wine comes in a box!).  So I just enjoyed it while we visited and had such a good time. But now I have 2 bottles for myself. I just have to remember not to hoard it! I have a habit of thinking, I will save this for.....and at my age, I better drink it while I can.  

Well, I best get back to work but I wanted to update my blog a bit for March. I think I will try to do that every month. That will give me some incentive to get on here and post. 

Magda, I love your new blog site. So beautiful. Thanks for letting me know about the change. 

I wish you all a wonderful week and a Happy Saint Patrick's Day if I don't get on here before then.


  1. Hi MaDonna,

    Seeing your St Patrick Day doings has inspired me. Hopefully I'll be able to include one of your Personas for the occasion on my site... if not, I'll just visit here and enjoy what I discover.

    Can not thank you enough for including your self as a Follower of my new blog. So truly love your Beautiful Wolf Logo.

    Wonderful header photo. I really do feel it is the nicest St Patrick's Day design I've seen.

    Heaps of good wishes, and thanks again for your support and encouragement, from Magda (Australia)

  2. Hi again MaDonna,

    Just to let you know... visited the 'desktop wallpaper' avenue... and now have the lovely image to create a St Patrick's Posting with.

    The really good part from this happening means I can share with others your beautiful creations, and let Visitors know where they're from.

    Thanks for giving one the opportunity to experience your creations in a variety of ways...

    Bestest wishes to you from Magda (Australia)