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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Waiting for Santa
I decided to re-work my blog "look" last night. I will change it to a winter design around Christmas, I hope. The forecast is for snow tomorrow and over the week end, so I may even replace my sunset photo if I can get a good shot of the fresh snow.
The Persona I am showing today is a picture of my 2 oldest kids sitting on the stair steps. I put it on our Christmas cards in the late 1950's. They aren't  cute chubby faced kids anymore, but have grown into wonderful, caring adults and have children and one has grandchildren. I am very proud of my family as you can probably tell. I have Personas with my parents and some of my grandparents in designs. I am even making designs with some of the family dogs! 
I am really missing my desktop and Photoshop. I have a file all ready to work on when my grandson brings it back. It needed a turbo boost to be able to keep up with me.
For all of you that have Firefox they are getting ready to introduce Firefox 4 to the public soon. I am looking forward to it in one way and another not. Sometimes the changes that are made are something I wouldn't really like, but you get used to it in time and I am sure they will have all kinds of new features to it.

Woke up with a headache this morning and that scared me because I was afraid I was getting the really bad ones back, but it has slowly faded into the background enough that I can tell it is still there but not enough to  keep me from working.

This will be the 52nd Thanksgiving dinner I have cooked! There will be fewer here, but we will be thinking about the others.

I probably won't be able to get back to posting here until after Thanksgiving so I want to wish you all a wonderful, warm Thanksgiving and I hope you can have family with you.

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