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Monday, November 29, 2010

On To Christmas


Thanksgiving is over and it was a wonderful day with family. We had a snowy Thanksgiving day this year. It was beautiful but it made getting around hard for people and many didn't get to be with family they had planned on. We had family together for dinner and it was great. Our youngest great grandson got to be with us and he is growing too fast. What a joy they can bring. There is no way you can not feel good about everything when they bless you with a dimpled smile.

I am working hard  on Christmas Personas right now. I have way too many finished so should really quit but have many ideas. I have made some collage themes using old wallpapers of Christmas houses all decked out with decorations and lights.I love the old homestead, farmhouse pictures because I think that is when Christmas was celebrated the  way it should be. Today Christmas is so commercialized it really upsets me. Seeing Christmas advertisements before Halloween is ridiculous.

I am trying to re-do my blog and actually add a snowy picture but to be honest I forgot how to put the photo in! It was easy when I first designed it, but apparently I am trying to skip a step or something as I am ending up with the same sunset photo., which is OK, but....I wanted to change it.

I hope you all have a great week and I will continue to work on the blog and get it up to date. 

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