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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday Morning Horses

Wednesday Morning Horses
I decided to post a design I put on this morning. On my way home from getting groceries yesterday morning (I do my shopping very early) the horses were standing in the sunshine enjoying the early morning quiet. I swear they were posing for me! I also put a desktop wallpaper on line (the link is under the details on the Persona site). In the far background if you look real closely you can see the Canadian Mountains. There was frost in the shade at the lower part of the design as the sun hadn't hit that part of the pasture yet.

It is so funny how or why some designs get popular and others just sit there. I can make one that I think turns out great and a few people will use it. Then I can put one on I am not real happy with and it will get used.  So I guess I am not a very good judge of nature. 
I got a pretty good shot of a sunset a couple nights ago. I went out in the pasture in my pajamas but it was too pretty not to take advantage of it. So will post it, too. 

October Sunset

We are getting a lot of new designers that are submitting and some are so talented. Then I start feeling inferior and get mad at myself that there are certain things I want to learn how to do in Photo Shop and I just can't figure out how to do it. And I probably never will get it. Then I will get a great email from someone like I did this morning from Shelly and I start feeling better.  Or the comment from Susan. I really appreciate people actually taking time out of their busy day to say thanks. So, now it is my turn to say thanks....to all of you that are using my designs.  Thank you. And have a great week end.

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