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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunset Photo Shoot

Sunset Fishing
Well, we went on the photo shoot I had been thinking about all year and it was kind of like everything you think about for a long time. It is always better in your mind than the actual thing! All year long I could remember this beautiful sunset shot I didn't get. But last year there were more clouds in the sky so the sun had more light to reflect off. Needless to say I was very disappointed in what I got a photo of, but thought I would post it anyway. The guy fishing in the middle of the river was having a good time, though. He will never know he had his photo taken.
 Fog in the Pasture
I did get a shot that I really liked on the way home though and I will post it as a Persona. There is a field at the bottom of a hill and the cattle were grazing by the pond and the fog was just forming. I thought it turned out great.  If you like it, the link to the wallpaper is posted with the details of the Persona design.  For some reason, fog fascinates me. I think it is beautiful in photography, but no fun to drive in.

Last time I posted I was worried about my grandson. He is home and doing well.  He has a flu like inflammation around his heart, which can be dangerous, but he is "hopefully" taking care of himself and not working too hard.  Of course he is back at work already. He is from a family of over achieving-hard workers, so what else can we expect?

I am very proud of myself and actually got on here twice this week to post. My super sister manages to do it every day!

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