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Monday, October 18, 2010

By The River

By The River
This is one of my favorite fall designs. I had it on last year but smaller. This one makes it so you can see more of the river.
I haven't checked in for awhile and to  my followers I am sorry. I just get so involved in life and everything else I just didn't take the time. I know everyone says it, but I swear the older you get, the faster the time goes by. I wish I had the energy to get up real early every day and start doing what I want to do. But, I don't. The things I HAVE to do get in the way! And there really is only so much time in a day. 

I have been working on a few holiday designs but nothing really exciting. Anyway, I don't think so. Every year it gets harder to get in a holiday mood. Families get older and everyone has obligations.  Family get-to-gathers get harder to arrange so the most can attend. Sometimes I feel like chucking it! I won't but sometimes I feel that way.
We went out on a photo shoot (as I call them because it sounds professional!) yesterday. But there was nothing that really came out. Everywhere we went there were too many people or too many houses. I really don't want people or houses (unless they are old and abandoned) in my work. We tried to get to a spot on the bay because I wanted to get some water photos, but rich people have built their big, fancy houses and put up gates, so that idea was shot. So I came home pretty empty handed.

Wow, I sound down in the dumps today and maybe I am. 

So, rather than get anyone else down, I think I will just sign off for today and get back on when I feel a bit cheerier. 

You all have a good week. And thanks for accepting my work and using it.


  1. Your Personas are beautiful! They make my browser so much more delightful! Thanks for the beauty that you see and share! Reading your blog - I am amazed at your internal drive! Thanks for the great example too.

  2. I, too, love your Personas; they are beautiful. I have Personas Expression installed and often when one pops up that I want to add to my favorites, it's yours! Thank you.