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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Seasons in Order

I am in kind of a funky mood today. This is the first day in ages where I haven't even "tried" to work on a design. Which is ok as I have many ready to submit. The above design is one I submitted today. It is a collage of the 4 different seasons. Wouldn't it be great if the seasons were actually like that? Beautiful and colorful! 

We are in the in-between seasons here in the Pacific Northwest. Which is about all the time, actually. Today the sun is supposed to come out, but so far it has kept itself hidden. I found a spot on the river last fall about this time of year where a beautiful sunset picture could be taken, so I am hoping the sun comes out so I can actually get that shot! If I do and if it turns out, you will see it, either as a Persona or desktop wallpaper and if it turns out really good, both. But you can take 100 photos of 1 thing and sometimes, if you are real lucky, you may get one good one.  Anyway with my inexpensive digital camera that is how it seems.

Another thing I am finding very funny. I can make a design that I think is just perfect and really like it, but it won't catch on. Then I can submit one that is so-so and people seem to like it. So I never know if what I submit is going to be one users will like or not. It is kind of fun to see what happens. And I do like requests from people. I am not up on the "what is hot" TV and movies, so when someone asks me to make something for them I always try. So, if you have any requests, please ask and I will see what I can do. 

Well, I just thought I would check in so hope all is well for everyone and have a great week. If the sun is shining where you are, enjoy it for me!!

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