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Thursday, April 1, 2021

April Fool

Vintage Look for Firefox


 Happy April everyone....I hope everyone is getting over the winter blahs and getting vaccine in the arms. I can't say I am over the winter blah's yet because our spring in the Pacific Northwest has been chillier and wetter than usual. Which is saying a lot!

We still aren't going out. Except to Doctors appointments. I thought we would start going out with masks to get our groceries soon after we were fully vaccinated but then the local cases started going up soooooo...we aren't. 

Our daughter purchases most of our groceries and I place orders for some but I really miss buying our own. But we both feel so lucky that we have family close that will do this for us. I pay her for everything I have her get for us because I am not going to have someone else "buy" them. She fusses about it but that's just too bad. But I miss seeing new items in the grocery stores to give me some ideas for cooking. 

I wish I had some new and exciting news to write about on this blog but I am afraid it is pretty much the same old same old! I do the same things pretty much everyday...but I don't get bored because I am busy. We have a schedule and we stick with it. I have gotten to the point I dread week ends because we aren't on our schedule!

My husband and I both read a lot of books on our tablets. We get some from our local library and  I am signed up for 2 different places to get an email everyday for a list of books with some free! One is Book Bub:  https://www.bookbub.com/ebook-deals/free-ebooks and the other is Freebooksy: https://www.freebooksy.com/  You sign up for the genre you like and that is what they send. You can get them from amazon, google, etc. I have almost 3000 books in our library. We are addicted to C J Box books about a game warden named Joe Picket and we have gotten to read all 21 in that series from our library. Free! Except for the library taxes we pay!

I get quite a few people that leave me reviews saying they wish that the Firefox Home Page would be dark if the theme they were using was dark. I wish we had the setting to be able to make the home page match the theme but we don't. I have requested from the powers that be to make that setting available to theme designers but as of now, we don't. And I don't really have any power so if that is something you would really like I suggest you make the request on the Mozilla site at: https://discourse.mozilla.org/c/add-ons/themes/110

I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and a warm, sunny spring!

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