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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Spring will Spring

                                    Blue Birds of Spring
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March has arrived with hopes of spring, warm days, flowers popping up and vaccine available! 

What a hassle to get a vaccine? First off, our far northwest county was shorted on vaccine so there was a lot of people wanting a little bit of vaccine. I was getting up at 2:30 in the morning to check in and see if anyone had it. Spent hours trying. I actually got us both appointments and then they were canceled because of the stormy weather. We had a northeaster with a lot of snow drifts. So we didn't get any fresh groceries for 2 weeks. But we can eat out of our freezer and cupboards for quite awhile.

I actually got us appointments for our vaccine and we each got one last week. Couldn't get one for the same day but that was fine. And they made appointments for our 2nd one so am glad I don't have to go back to trying to get appointments.

I am so looking forward to spring as I am sure everyone else is, too. I dislike bundling up in ski pants, scarves, etc. to go for my walk every day. 

I had to re-do our Comcast account. The bill was just getting so high we couldn't afford it, so I really cut it down. So far I can't tell any difference. Slowed the internet down and cut channels back. We only watch a few specific channels so 95% of what we had we never looked at and probably won't watch half of what we have now. So hopefully the bill we be far less. They tell you what it will be, but then they add on fees and taxes so that adds a lot to it. You all know what I am talking about!

 Patricks Horseshoe


I don't like the new blogger interface at all. I used to be able to make my blog look like I wanted it to and now it is almost impossible. I don't know why they made it so much harder...or maybe it's because I am older.....Probably the latter.

I had a really busy birthday. Lots of calls, texts, etc. Plus that was the day I got my  Covid shot! What a wonderful birthday gift!

Don't really have any news so will just sign off. Wanted to update the blog for March. 

 Wear your mask and stay safe. 


  1. Thanks for this and for all the years you have being doing it for, as start using your stuff 2011 and here we are still, so again thank you and hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

    Eamonn, Republic Of Ireland

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes I have been at this for a long time but I enjoy it and it keeps my mind and body busy. You, too keep safe. My husband is having a difficult time right now. His heart is acting up so I keep everything ready to leave for ER at a moments notice. You, too stay safe.