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Monday, January 28, 2019

How are you liking Firefox Themes?

Eagles Nest

I just updated my blog for February and Valentines Day so thought I would stop designs and post a bit. 

Today is Data Privacy Day so check and see if your email accounts have been broached. Firefox Monitor can check all your email accounts at: https://monitor.firefox.com/scan

Well, you have been using the newer theme site? How do you like it? Are you liking the Add-ons Manager for saving your themes and finding them? Different, isn't it? There are a few things I dislike about the Themes Add-on Manager. I wish you could go back to the theme you were using if you don't like or aren't satisfied with the new one you are trying out. I have mentioned that on the forum and hopefully they are working on it.

Spring Rain Drops

One thing I noticed this past week end was that the number of users "numbers" have totally changed. I don't know if they are correct or not!

I really felt sorry for the government workers that didn't get their paychecks for a month. I know for a fact that they don't make as much money as doing the same job in the private sector. My husband could have made twice as much working for logging companies rather than the USFS. But he like his job and enjoyed doing it. Many years in our marriage we lived paycheck to paycheck. We would have made it fine on food because I canned most of our fruits and vegetables and my husband hunted and fished so we would have had no problem with groceries. But electricity, telephone companies, etc. aren't friendly if you don't pay your bills. So I am hoping they don't have to go through that again next month but I wouldn't be surprised.

I suppose I will have to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday but I will not enjoy it. I don't have a team in the game this year...but there is one team I am hoping doesn't win...so guess I have something to cheer for...or against.

My pre-surgery exercises are getting easier for me but are still quite painful.  I will just be so glad when it is all over with and my new knee won't be painful. I know it is going to be quite painful afterwards for awhile, but I am thinking good thoughts!!!!

Hope you all have a great week and manage to keep warm in the east. I  know we are all ready for spring!

First Mountain Snow


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  2. I like your theme Red Roses & Gold Butterflies (ir is it Gold Butterflies and Red Roses?) and I've downloaded the matching wallpaper. Unfortunately, I can't use the theme in SeaMonkey or Pale Moon. Do you think you could modify the theme for SeaMonkey and post it to the SeaMonkey themes section of addons.thunderbird.net ? The URL would be https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/seamonkey/themes/


  3. Just had to follow you! So many of your themes gone at Mozilla, dead links. I found I can use your themes in my FFox 52 by applying to Thunderbird. I was determined to make it work!

  4. One of the themes (Woman of the woods) wouldn't load, so I found another of yours to use. :) Glad you are getting your knee fixed! It will be rough for a bit but I bet you will feel tons better in the long run.