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Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter is back........

Mount Rainier Sunset

Wow, but winter came back to Washington state with a blast from the Fraser River Canyon. We got a northeaster from Canada and it is soooo cold. We lost power yesterday for a while and TV/Internet was out longer. Luckily we had just gotten home from visiting our son and daughter in law or we wouldn't have been able to get in the house because the garage door wouldn't have opened. I didn't take my purse with house keys!

We didn't lose any trees but our neighbor lost several of his 50 yer old pine trees. 

Our daughter had us over Saturday to celebrate my birthday a bit early because her daughter's family was up for the week end. We had a baked potato bar with all kinds of toppings. I love baked potato's and don 't make them for myself because I never have sour cream. (Hubby doesn't like it) Birthday cake, ice cream and all the trimmings. 

I can't believe I will be 79 next week. I don't feel that old, most of the time anyway. But the calendar doesn't lie.

We had a nice Valentines Day. I made my hubby some of his favorite foods and a cherry pie that I put a heart cut out on the top. At our ages we don't give each other gifts anymore. Just happy to be together...and eat cherry pie.

Since we couldn't watch the tube last night we read for hours. My hubby finished his book and I couldn't download another one for him because internet was out. I had just cleaned out his Kindle because he had so many books in it. I think I will leave a few in the device from now on. We had the kerosene lamps lit and with my tablet and his Kindle we could read because we keep them powered up. But you do need a book in it! I am signed up at freebooksy.com and Book Bub and get emails each day that have free or lower priced ebooks so I actually get most of my books free. So I have tons of books in the cloud. And the books that are too expensive I can usually get them from the local library and download them so I have it for at least 21 days. 

Have been waiting for our property taxes to come. We always dread that. We have paid taxes on our place for almost 51 years so we have paid more in taxes than we paid for it originally. I don't know how they expect elderly people to be able to stay in their homes when the taxes keep going up but the income certainly doesn't. With the current administration I don't think it is going to get any better, either. They don't care about the children or old people. I think they care more for the fetus and rich people. Have to make sure they are all doing well...but if you are born and old....the hell with you. 

Oh Oh! More politics so I better sign off for today. I have to figure out something for my blog for March since Feb. is almost in the books for this year. I like to change the graphics to match the month.

Can't wait for Spring and Summer!!!

~Have a great week~

Spring Garden Serenity


  1. Hi MaDonna,

    I am having a difficult time getting your wallpapers the links that are posted do not open they previously worked and now aren't do you know why this may be?

  2. Hi, Dawn. Desktop Nexus is having some kind of a problem and they are supposedly working on it! All of the older wallpapers don't show up right now. If there is one specifically you want I can probably send it to you if you give me the title. I try to keep all my files so I may be able to find it. Send me an email and I can look for it/them to send. I am hoping they will get their site fixed but the last time this happened it took several months.

    1. I didnt have one in particular but i love all your butterfly, birds and floral ones. i was hoping to find one for St. Patricks day

    2. Dawn, I have quite a few St. Patricks Day wallpapers but they don't show up right now on DN. If you send me your email address I can send you a few by email.

  3. Happy belated birthday Madonna! I hope it was a great one. I hope spring is starting to come to your corner of the country. It's been beautiful here in PA the past few days, although on the cold side. It was down to 21 overnight. I have to agree with you on our current state of politics. When it comes to voting, I was a late bloomer. I voted for the 1st time in 2003. I've taken my 2 kids with me to vote each time, hoping the importance of it will wear off on them. My oldest daughter turns 18 this summer & she's excited that she'll be able to vote in the fall. Hope you have a wonderful spring!

  4. Thank, Unknown! I have voted every election since I turned 18! But I think the new generation is going to turn things round for the future. Anyway I am hoping so. I have to admit I have gotten much more interested in politics in my later years and my husband also. Old people kind of get thrown to the curb with the current administration. If you are old or poor...you don't matter. What a shame?

    I too am looking forward to spring, especially summer. Our spring in WA is usually cold and wet!
    Have a great week and thanks for reading my blog.