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Monday, June 22, 2015

On to the 4th of July

Fractal Eagle USA

Fireworks Forver Bright

Father's Day is over and we are on to the 4th of July! This summer is going way too fast.

Father's Day was really nice for our family. The weather was just beautiful so we got to be outside all day. We went to our daughter's home so got to be with all our kids and some of the grandkids and even a couple great grandkids. We didn't have a big, fancy dinner, but a picnic table full of goodies to munch on all day. Our daughter's chili dip is to die for and I ate way to much of it but it was so much fun.

I featured a couple of my newest patriotic designs. I have more made and will be putting more on line as the week goes on. 

Brand Thunder  gave me a list of themes to make for them so have been working on them also. I got a list of games from two of my grandsons over the week end so will work on that list also. I don't know anything about this gaming stuff so have to use them as my sources of information! But they are so much fun to make.

I made a new recipe for dessert yesterday and it really turned out good. Everyone seemed to love it. I had cut a kidney bean salad recipe out of the newspaper about 20 years ago.  A couple weeks ago I got the recipe out to make the salad for our daughter. I had folded the recipe over and here was this dessert recipe and the first word on the recipe was EASY! I liked the sound of that so decided to try it. Glad I did so now I will add that to my recipe box. 

I have to get back to work but wanted to update my blog from Father's Day to Independence Day so decided to write a bit. Have a super week and will be back soon!

Freedom Reigns

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