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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Shower For Ladybug

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. My daughter had us over for munchies. One of our son's had a bad cold and couldn't make it but our oldest son and his wife came and we all sat out in the sun and ate! And talked! And talked!  Had so many good things to munch on that I probably shouldn't eat for a week, but I am. I am more of a muncher than a big meal type. I would rather just snack all day and not have to eat a big meal. My son and his wife gave me the cutest little bear figurine to put outside. I actually put it on our picnic table so I can see it when I look out my kitchen window. It makes me smile.

Last night I was thinking about how I used to feel when I was looking forward to something, like going across the mountains on our motorcyles. I would get this fluttery feeling in my stomach and get excited about getting everything around to take and the joy of just riding!  At 76, I don't have those kind of things to look forward to anymore. Now I get that same feeling when I anticipate my husband coming in at 3:30 for our wine, some chips, sitting at the kitchen table reading the days paper before dinner. So, I still look forward to things but they are just different.
I have been having problems with my coffee maker. We splurged 6 years ago and bought a Keurig coffee maker for our anniversary. It has worked really well up until about six weeks ago. I descaled it and it started working. Then Sunday morning it wouldn't make my morning coffee.  So I ran the vinegar through it, etc. and it still wouldn't work so I put it in the garage. I did a lot of research on purchasing another one and I couldn't believe it but the reviews for most of the K cup coffee makers (not just Keurig) were really bad. So I brought it back in on Monday. I decided to call Keurig and they walked me through another cleaning. Still wouldn't work so they said they would give me a discount on a new one. $145.00! I thanked them and ended the call! So I did another vinegar descale, then ran the water through and so far it is working again. I guess you just don't give up! Keep trying. BUT I am going to buy a jar of Trader Joe's instant coffee to keep on hand. I know it is going to happen again and one of these days it isn't going to work. I just hope Keurig get's their act together and design a pot that will work and people will like again. I can't complain about the one I have but they keep changing things to better them. The one Costco carries is the one I was going to get but after doing some research you can't use any other brand of K Cup because the coffee maker actually "reads" the top of the K Cup and if it isn't Keurig it won't work! But you can change the wallpaper on the menu screen! Well, that is just really nice but I just want a good cup of coffee!

Desktop Nexus is still not accepting submissions. Their alert border has said 24 to 48 hours for almost 48 days!
Yesterday I picked our first strawberries of the season. They are ever bearing and we get fresh strawberries all summer. They are so much better than any you buy in the stores.

This is getting rather wordy so I will sign off for now and do some work. 

You all have a great week end. I will be back soon!

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