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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cool Down

Fractal Color Shine

This is a bit different from what I usually showcase, but I kinda like it. I put the cyan font color to bring that color onto your screen.
We have definitely had a cool down here. The east side is burning up and I feel so sad for the many people that have lost their homes to the forest fires. The town of Pateros has really been damaged. We used to ride our motorcycles over there and stay every summer. We would sit along the banks of the Columbia River and cool down because it was always so warm over there. One time it was over 100° in Pateros and we decided to go for an evening ride and my husbands bike wouldn't start. So I was pushing him and his bike down the street so he could bump start it. Here I was with my jacket and helmet on, pushing this heavy bike and him! But he got it started and off we went. Anyway, back to the fires. Lots of people aren't going to have power or water for a month! But perhaps they are the lucky ones because they didn't lose their homes. 
Most of the businesses in towns like Winthrop, (which is my very favorite place to go) depend on the summer visitors for their livelihood. So they will be hurting financially.
They cut the hay in the big field across from us so we have seen  the eagles and hawks soaring above us. The field mice have no place to hide so the eagles, hawks and ravens have lots of free food.
They are harvesting raspberries and blueberries in our area right now. And the weather has been helpful this year to our berry farmers. I am so glad this county still has so much agriculture land. It is a battle to keep it because the developers would love to build houses on nice level farm land. This is one of the things I feel so strongly about is protecting the farm lands in the U.S. And it upsets me when I hear they allow foreigners to purchase up these huge farms, like they just did in Idaho. A Chinese company just bougtht thousands of acres of good farmland to grow alfalfa to send back to China. This is just so wrong. Just like a Japanese developer purchased over 500 acres from a cattle rancher right next to us. Of course they want to develop it into houses, but so far we have fought them off. I only hope and pray we can continue to fight them off. 
Gonna get back to work. 

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