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Sunday, January 1, 2012


New Years Celebration

I hope you all had a nice Christmas or whatever you celebrate at this time of year. I loved having toddlers around for Christmas Eve. What is more fun than watching little kids open gifts, eating too much and celebrating the season with the family you love? But honestly I am glad it is all over. It seems like I worked on Christmas designs for months. Actually I didn't but it seemed like it.

I have a lot of designs on Brand Thunder now and they seem to be quite popular. I am afraid I got too involved in the contest. I wish they hadn't shown the running results. I think we would have all been happier if they hadn't but I knew by early the last evening I didn't have a chance of winning because the competition was getting a lot of last minute interest. I was told by many they like my design much better and couldn't figure out what his was. But apparently a lot of people liked it because he won. I am a traditionalist and like the old standby. That is probably an age thing!

I just wanted to check in and wish you all a Happy New Year and hope for a great 2012.


  1. Wish you also a Happy New Year and a great 2012 MaDonna...

    I've arrived and you've done it again... love the new Background. A visually very refreshing feel to it.

    I know my votes were making a difference, but I think with being in the Southern Hemisphere, even though I arrived about the same time each morning my time, I have a feeling with the time difference there may have occurred overlapping, so it looked like I had voted twice on the same day... it is the only explanation I have for why you were in the 40's and then suddenly ended back in the 30's on my last voting day Northern Hemisphere time.

    Sad... maybe next time they'll have a date time present, that way those from the Southern Hemisphere will know when they arrive if in essence they have returned the same day.

    Our Christmas was lovely. Weather ways has been nice and still flowing that way in 2012. Love they way you have defined a Christmas Gathering... reads warm, fun, and loving.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that downloaded one of your personas, and one of the wallpapers (winter sunrise, I think, the one with the owl)
    All of your stuff is gorgeous!
    I will be back!

  3. I just love your personas on Firefox and I really believe I will be using those exclusively!!!! They are so beautiful! I am so glad I found this blog!

    God bless,

    Dianna Bupp