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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Firefox 4!!!!

I wonder how many of you have updated to Firefox 4 and if you like it. I tried it last week and was very unhappy with it. It is very different and people are not very happy with the way the Personas display. I have a Bookmark Toolbar on mine so it shows more. But I used FF4 a half  day and put back in my older version of 3.6.16. I like it and it is much easier to design with. I know I am going to have to update to the new version, but...Another thing I didn't like was the home page place had changed, the re-load button was almost impossible to find, too. I am not a very patient person and when I am busy designing it just slowed me down too much. 

I just thought I would add a note to my blog concerning Firefox 4 and if I were you, I would wait a couple weeks till they have all the little bugs figured out and more extensions have been updated for it. Mozilla isn't going to change it as they are already working on Firefox 5, so we are going to have to get used to it. I don't think I will be designing any new designs for awhile that I am not sure how they will look. But I have lots done and know that if I have less showing they will be all right for FF4. Some people are saying that most of their old designs don't work at all. Can you image me having to re-design all of mine? Well, I won't be doing that!

Jaguar Wild
 The design above is one I did before I had tried FF4 and I doubt it will show very much in 4, so I may re-design it as I really like it. The main complaint against FF4 is that not much of the design shows so you have to add toolbars, etc. and get it set up the way you like. Once I start using it I will post some hints for people that are Persona lovers.

I will be updating my blog with more spring "things" soon. 

Have a good week and enjoy your loved ones.

Oh, Magda, I lost your blog site. I went to it and it told me my invitation wasn't valid anymore, so please drop me another note.


  1. Firefox 4 is just fine by me.

    You have the option to have tabs up or down like before, so your themes look just fine to me. ;)

  2. Thanks...I am thinking about downloading it again today and trying it.

  3. Hi MaDonna,
    Very much like your Spring Theme. Feels personal. I find I can instantly imagine being the Girl in the Field. Thanks.

    In Australia the Season is moving into Autumn... I rather like Autumn, even if it takes time to set in in Queensland. Your Spring Persona suits just fine for my feelings with Autumn "Down Under".

    Firefox 4... yes I went back to Firefox 3.6.16 also. The suggestion for revealing more of your Personas is worth trying. But I have a separate issue as well.... the present Australian Language package doesn't work with Firefox 4. At this stage there is no suitable update, and am enquiring about the matter. Until a suitable one occurs, or Blogger provides one, I won't be leaving my 3 version. Refuse to return to having nearly every other word I write on my Blog underlined again.
    Until I had the Aussie language add-on, I had begun doubting my ability to spell, and soon spent more time dictionary checking. I'm too wordy to return to that mode after the pleasure of zooming along with focus on what I'm writing.
    Amazing how two English speaking Countries can spell so differently.
    Best wishes to you MaDonna from Magda(Australia)

  4. At first, i didn't really like the new changes brought on in Firefox 4. Now i prefer the tabs on top.

    You can pretty well rig it the way it was before. It just takes a bit of... curiosity!

  5. Hello again MaDonna,
    One does learn to adapt. Whether large or small, change is affecting all.

    I returned to let you know that staying with 3.6.16 will not be an option... Safety Support is being withdrawn.

    I had begun having not good happenings with the 3. Have given in and Downloaded Firefox 4. Trialling it now.

    Thankfully, discovered a British English version of 4 is available. Chose it. With no offence being given, is really nice seeing 'Colour' instead of 'Color'.

    Then browsed Firfox's Add-ons and found a British English Language Pack. Chose it also.

    Decided with the British, whether was right, wrong, or both, having Colonised Australia, the spelling should still be similar. Wikipedia indicates this is so. Feel armed now for Blogging.

    Persona aspect is challenging. I did notice Themes are very few for Firefox's 4.... is that an area worth thinking about doing for you?

    Sorry for rambling.
    Good luck with Firefox 4.

    Heaps of good wishes to you always, from Magda(Australia)