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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Summers End

October Mount Baker

I made the previewed theme from a photo I took of Mount Baker. Hope everyone likes it. 

It is almost time to turn over another page on the calendar. We have had quite a year, haven't we? The past few weeks news hasn't been very promising for 2018. Families torn apart by politics, hurricanes, earthquakes and a big chance of an impending war. 

Have you ever had a friend that was very close and all of a sudden they aren't anymore? It is a very hard thing to go through. They don't come around nor call. Years and years of love and friendship...gone...poof. It is very hard to understand and it hurts. 

The past week we have had beautiful weather and looks like it will be 80 degrees. Now that is my kind of fall weather. I was able to hang laundry out this week.

I have spent a lot of time looking for Firefox extensions to replace some of the Legacy ones that will not work after the November 14th update of Firefox to 57. Most of the developers seem to be making replacements so if you are worried about your extensions you can go to: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/extensions/?sort=created and check for any extensions that you want to continue to work. One of the first extensions I used was InformEnter and I love it. Saves so much time. I tried several new ones that are out and they just didn't work like InformEnter so I contacted the developer and he is working on an update. So I am totally happy about that. These developers work hard to keep their extensions updated so I am suggesting if you have one or two you really find indispensable, some have a place on the extension page you can contribute a bit to help them out. When InformEnter is updated in November, I am going to do just that. Also if you want to check out exactly what is going on in the update of Firefox 57, you can follow a blog at: https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2017/02/16/the-road-to-firefox-57-compatibility-milestones/
I just hope the update will not be difficult so that some users just give up on Firefox and switch to another browser that is just not as good, safe or fast, such as Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Some of my favorite extensions are Translate Now, AdBlocker Ultimate 2.28, and Checker Plus for G Mail. I will post other soon. You can also go to the Open Menu in the far right corner of the header and click on Add Ons, and check for any updates for the extensions you have. I have been doing that twice a day and sometimes there are updates both times! So the developers are hard at work.

Think I will check on the laundry and get back to submitting a few Halloween themes. 

Reaper & Ravens


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