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Friday, July 21, 2017

Checking in with Amazement!

Sleeping Lion

I have been amazed at all the emails, etc. I have been receiving since the article and video came out. Thank you all for the support. I didn't know they had put the link to the article on the Firefox Home Page until someone commented about it on this blog! And almost 10,000 views on the video. 

And then I had a wonderful email from David from Virginia asking me if I had found it! At first I couldn't figure out what I lost and them he mentioned my pocket angel. I had forgotten (old age!) that I had even mentioned it on this blog. So he did a bunch of research trying to find a replacement for it. I had ordered it out of a catalog (paper!) over 35 years ago....so apparently it isn't made anymore and asked me if a round one could take its place! So I think I am getting a replacement for my good luck charm! I doubt very much if I will carry it for another 35 years, though!

It has taken my husband a long time getting back from his last AFib attack. And has been having a hard time sleeping and just not feeling well. It worries me so much...he has always been so strong and healthy. He has been my rock for 61 years. Everyone loves him...he would do anything to help someone. But he has a hard time saying No when someone brings a car in that needs work. 

I would love to be in Bend, OR for the lacrosse tournament our great grandson is playing in but will just have to keep in contact having them text me the scores. Wish him luck!

Thank you to all that read my jabber and I am going to work on a page about my favorite extensions for Firefox one of these days when/if I run out of ideas for themes!

Have a great week end and take care.

Fire in the Sky


  1. I found you, by the Firefox link, too!!!!

    How wonderful, that you will get a replacement, for a treasured object!!! Ahhhh, the Perks of the Internet.

    Sorry your husband is slow in getting back to health, after a set-back. My husband is slowing down... And it is hard to accept it. Hard to adjust to it. I am 80 and he will be 84 tomorrow.

    We are happy to still be "potting along." But his "potting," is getting slower. After being, as you say, "The Rock," for a lifetime.

    Oh but I would not let him do, that which is too difficult for him, now. I'd make sure those thoughtless people, who bring him a car that needs work, knew "My New Rules" for him. Yes, I would!

    But... Then.... I have gotten much more vocal, as I aged. -grin- I'd not let my husband be taken advantage of, just because he always could do many things. And still wants to.

    Too much information, I'm sure.

    Gentle hugs, to you, my Dear... Luna Crone

  2. Thank you, Luna. Believe me I have tried getting him to not work so hard...but he is like me and has to keep busy. And he doesn't take on any big jobs, like putting a new engine in, transmission work. These people that bring in the cars can't afford to go to a garage and pay $150.00 an hour...plus they tell them something is worn out and half the time it isn't. So they bring them here. He is much happier when he is working. It has just been a slow recovery this time and he has slowed down in the work. I think people realize that he is not 100% anymore.

    Best wishes to you and your rock!

  3. I just love your page! I also do themes,love your nature themes:)

  4. Thanks so much, Rene.Glad you like my blog. Sometimes I have lots to say and others not so much!
    Good luck with your theme making.