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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Love Song of the Waterfall

My theme I am featuring today I just submitted so hope everyone likes it. It looks cool and refreshing.

We had a great week end and the weather was just fantastic. All three of our kids popped in at different times over the week end so that made it even more special. I know now how much my parents loved it when we stopped in to visit.  Our kids all live within 10 miles of us but my parents lived around 60 miles away so it wasn't quite as easy to "pop in" and now I wish we had done it more.

Father's Day is Sunday and I wish my Dad was still around to celebrate the holiday. My brother and his wife always had the Father's Day celebration at their home. I remember one of Dad's last Father's Day and in fact it may have been his last one. He had recently had surgery and was really depressed and Mom was worried about what he might do, so she brought him up to the Father's Day get to gether. Dad couldn't even get out of the car but he got to be with us for a little while.

Dad would have been 100 years old this November.  

The pictures above are my Dad and he was a very good looking guy! Black curly hair and brown eyes.
I think I have written about him before but I am not going to take the time to go back and see what and when! He was a man's man, I guess you would call him. He was very talented and could do and build just about anything mechanical.  I remember he built a tractor once. I was very young and can't remember too much about it but I know it was when we lived "down in the woods" . The place where I had to walk down a long lane surrounded by big trees to get on the school bus. And I was afraid of the bears!
I don't think Dad ever verbally said he loved me, but I knew by his actions that he did.I always thought he was a big man and I remember when he was in the hospital during the end of his life, he was in the recovery room and there was a curtain open. When I was walking down the hall to see him I didn't think it could be him because he looked so much smaller. 

I miss you, Dad.

I have been working on "stuff" to submit to the County to try to keep our community out of the Urban Growth Area. The developer that bought the ranch next to us wants to build a housing development and we got pulled into his "plan"! As soon as his property gets put into the UGA he will ask to be annexed to the City so he can start building. I simply can not fathom the thought of living in a city. We have lived here for 48 years and after we stopped raising cattle, we started planting trees in our pasture so we didn't have to see other people's properties. It isn't that they aren't nice people, we just didn't want to have to see them! And luckily they don't want to be included, either so I am hoping since 100% of us don't want included we will have a good argument to be left out.

Gotta go fix lunch for my hard working husband! 

If your Dad is still around, go see him and give him a hug. Or call him if he isn't close by. You never know how long he will be there so don't have any regrets! 


  1. You are in my prayers as you battle the encroaching development. And thank you for sharing memories of your father -- I think many of us know men in our family who never verbally say they love us, but their actions speak for themselves.

  2. Thanks, DW. Men growing up in my Dad's time were taught that men don't cry and must be strong all the time. Luckily our boys were taught to be strong but it was OK to cry and speak their thoughts. So they can tell their families they love them beside just showing them.