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Thursday, June 4, 2015

For Flag Day

Free Range

I am featuring my Free Range theme today. In memory of my Mother. She absolutely loved chickens. She raised them for years and years until she couldn't anymore and then collected rooster figurines! So she still was surrounded by chickens. 

I looked at the calender and saw Flag Day is the 14th so I updated my blog to celebrate it. Flag Day is actually a special day for me besides the origin of it. The last little dog we had and loved was actually born on Flag Day. He died in my arms in 1991 and was the last pet for us. I just loved him too much and just can't open my heart for another sorrow like that. 

I listen to the radio a lot while I am working and can hardly wait till the Presidential election is over. I can't believe the partisanship in this country. Most people don't listen to both sides so their minds are like lock boxes. Neither side is perfect but lots of people don't feel that way. 

We are out of the cold chilly weather we have had for a few days and the 80's are on the horizon. Looking forward to it. 

I will catch up with you next week. Have a great week end!

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