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Friday, December 12, 2014

Weather & Flu Bug!

Solitude at Dawn

I love the design I am highlighting today. I tried to make the morning sky and mountain off to the left side of the screen and think it worked out well. The eagle adds a touch also.

It has a been a tough two weeks at our house. Right after Thanksgiving my husband caught some kind of flu bug and didn't take care of himself (like I nagged at him about!). Of course several things happened that he did have to take care of. The gas heater in our "big" room went out and wouldn't stay lit so he had to make 2 trips to town to get parts to fix it and that was during our cold spell. Then we got warm rainy, windy weather, 3 different storms actually and the cap off the chimney blew off so he had to find it, fix it and get up on the roof and get it back on. A neighbor's tree blew down on our daughter's deck but our youngest son got that taken care of. The deck, rails, etc. still have to be fixed but that is no hurry. 

Then I caught my dear husband's whatever it is. We haven't had anything hit us like this for a long time. Both have been pretty much out of it for 2 weeks. Beginning to see the end of it, hopefully. I have been able to keep the house and laundry up, work a bit on designing just to keep my mind busy...but that is about it. We managed to get to the Dr. one day to get some cough medicine and he put my huband on antibiotics because his lungs were pretty bad. Our daughter kept us in home made soups, although neither one of us had much of an appetite. We both got flu shots this year like we always do, but they say 2 different strains weren't in this year's shots. Thanks, CDC!

I haven't done much for Christmas this year and doubt if I do. Got my cards and letters out, but don't think I will do much decorating. 

I don't think Brand Thunder has put any more of my Christmas designs on so won't be submitting anymore for awhile.

Mozilla still doesn't have the user counts fixed and it has been way over a month. I don't know if they are short staffed or just don't think it is important enough. They "say" it is supposed to be fixed by next week! But I have heard that before. The Up and Coming have been the same for over a month also and I am sure everyone is tired of looking at them. I know I am. Enough griping!

I hope you all had a good week and don't get any bugs! Happy Christmas shopping, baking and decorating.

Will try to be back next week.

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