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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Back on Brand Thunder!

Winter Sweet Bullfinch

This will be short and sweet today as I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to let you know I am making designs for Brand Thunder again. Both GMail, IE and Firefox themes so those of you out there that don't use my favorite Firefox you can still use my designs. I will post links to them as they get on line. I have to learn how to embed the script right in my blog so you would be able to download it from here, but "have to learn how"! So far I haven't figured it out.

The first one is up now and you can download it at: https://gallery.brandthunder.com/en-US/theme/glowingchristmaseve#.VH4fgntUiUm

Mozilla STILL doesn't have the user counts, up and coming fixed yet. It has been a whole month now. Hopefully they will get the bug fixed soon. Many of the other designers are complaining about it on the forum I notice. 

I have been working on winter and Christmas. I love making the winter ones with the lighted cottages, etc. 

Warm and Cozy Holiday

Christmas Cats and Dogs

I will get back ASAP. My husband had a check up with his cardiologist this morning so is a short work day. It has been almost a full year since he had his heart attack. He is doing so well and I am so thankful. After being together for 58 years I don't think I could live without him. I honestly don't.

Will check back in soon! Have a good week!