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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Desktop Wallpapers for G Mail Background

Pansies so Sweet

Thought I would stop in and let you know you can use any of my desktop wallpapers for your GMail backgrounds. They work great. I personally like a darker background so I choose one that has a darker background. 
 I am still working on Firefox themes but it doesn't seem like they are bring used as much as they used to be. I would love some thoughts on that.
Our oldest great grandson is coming for a visit tomorrow and we are looking forward to that. We don't get to see him as often as we used to since he doesn't live as close. I hope it is sunshiny so we can be outside. It is spring break and he will be up to visit his grandparents. He loves it when he can be out in the country at their house.  Our daughter in law is bringing him over tomorrow. He loves chocolate doughnuts so we picked some up this morning.
Have a great week end.


  1. So I'm looking for an easter theme for my browser and every time I decide to try one out because of how beautiful it is and how nice the colors are... it's developed by you! *giggles* Every single bloody one of them! So then, being the crazy person that I am (off no sleep, btw, so don't mind rambling... I don't usually write so scattered...) anyway, i decide to check out your profile page on the Firefox add-on site. And wham you're a Great-grandmother?! Like seriously? Because my grandmother (since my great-grandparents passed about six years ago) who can't even figure out texting or Facebook messaging and status updates properly, sticks to scrapbooking, and you're doing something even *I* couldn't do (I am like horrible at graphics or pictures of any kind on-line) and you're amazing at it. And you're a great-grandmother!

    Awesome themes for Firefox. I love each and every one of them, I love the colors you keep choosing and they're just amazing. Thank you!! (...and a great grandmother completely bests me at graphics....Epic fail me!)

  2. I just found you and LOVE your stuff!! Don't quit now!! LOL