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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Rainy Spring Day

Spring Bee

Our beautiful sunshine is gone for awhile. We really enjoy it when it is here, though.

Well, I have more information on the future of themes for Firefox. They will still be available. The look will be different but we can continue to customize our computers. 

I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. It is called MozBackup. You can find it at: http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/
If you get a new computer or just want to back up your Firefox, you use the program to back up Firefox or Thunderbird on a thumb drive. So when you put Firefox in your new computer you take the thumb drive and install Firefox and Thunderbird so all of your settings, bookmarks, etc. are there. I back mine up every once in awhile just in case the computer crashes. I have bookmarks I don't want to lose, etc. 

Enough Mozilla talk. 

One of our neighbors has goats. The great grandkids love them. They are so cute but the poor guy can't keep them in his field. It is almost funny because he keeps fixing the fence and they find another place to get out of. I am sure the UPS driver hates our little dead end road because he has to try to corral the goats so  he can get by. The other day he thought he would open the gate and try to get them back in...well, that didn't work. He had goats surrounding his truck with more goats getting out. So, now he just slows way down and hopes he doesn't hit one. They are very clever goats. Today when I went to make my husband's lunch the last 2 slices of bread were not very soft so decided to get a fresh loaf out. After lunch I told my husband he should just feed the 2 bread slices to the goats and not waste them. Well, he made a friend! Several in fact. Some of the goats aren't quite as friendly as the others so they all didn't get bread. So now he has one that is very fond of him! The goat waits outside of his shop door. You know when you tear up romain for salad you always have a big chunk you can't use, well the goats get that now, too.I  know we aren't making it any easier for the poor guy to keep his goats in but I don't like to waste food!

When I was 5 or 6, we lived in the "farm in the woods" I wrote about before, we had a billy goat. His name was Billy! We couldn't keep him in a pen, either. My Dad made a wagon and the billy goat would pull me and my brother around. But I hated that goat. He had horns and didn't like me. One time I saw him coming at me, so I ran for the house but the screen door didn't shut quick enough and he followed me into the house. I honestly can't remember how Mom got him out, but I sure remember screaming and can still hear that screen door slamming behind Billy. My Mom was very cool about everything and never got overly excited, so I am sure she just took him by the horns and led him out. I remember hoping the bears would eat him every night I went to bed! But that never happened.

If I don't get back before Easter. have a great one. Till next time!



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